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Sebastian Gebski

Working with Claire.docx

It never ceases to amaze me that so frequently, the best ideas are the simplest ones. They are so obvious and always within our reach that we tend to overlook them consistently. I've (sort of) stumbled over such an idea today while listening to Elad Gil's []...

Sebastian Gebski

Transparency - what does it really mean?

> By reading this blog post you're learn that: transparency is deeply in shoes business, Definition of Done should contain necessary outbound communication, asynchrony is (again) king, publish-subscribe pattern has successful application scenarios out of code as well & habitual transparency can be a side effect of any kind of work. If...

Sebastian Gebski

Praise for Radical Candor

> By reading this blog post you'll learn: an importance of naming elusive things, that surplus of empathy can cause a lot of harm, why sometimes being unpopular is not that bad, that even Dale Carnegie was sometimes wrong (or at least not 100% right) Internet & libraries are full of advices,...

Sebastian Gebski

Rashomon Effect (in building software)

> TL;DR Due to software's innate complexity & its ephemeral character it may not be easy to assess the "level of its completeness" (/readiness) - it's not only that opinions on that may vary, people are also reluctant to give final statements (due to high degree of uncertainty). In the end...

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