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Sebastian Gebski

A good sergeant is worth three generals

Let's start with some bold statements: * Team that did shitty waterfall work will most likely do a shitty agile work too (you can freely substitute the word 'agile' with Lean Six Sigma, CMMI3+, XP or whatever) * Nice tools can make a noticeable impact (by improving morale, increasing dev agility, etc....

"Trust, but verify"

> "Doveryai, no proveryai." ("Trust, but verify.") Ronald Reagan (to Mikhail Gorbachev) Developing an enterprise-level software product is never easy ("thanks, Sherlock!") & clearly doesn't depend on pure programming skills only ("now you tell me?!"). That's why we have all those "processes", "activities", "methodologies", etc. Their shared (& sometimes indirect) purpose is to...

Listen. Just listen.

I've always wanted No Kill Switch to be 50% tech + 50% leadership+mgmt blog. But it just doesn't work out like that. I'll tell you a secret - I publish regularly twice a week, which is quite often, but I never struggle with finding a topic for the next blog...

Condemned to oblivion? Project Managers in Agile world

Self-governing, self-stating, self-managing, self-organizing TEAM. Combined human potential. Direct interactions & co-operation. Simplifying communication routes. Power to the (team) people. Yay. Yes, that's right, agile approach promotes all the team-related statements listed above. Scrum team, in favorable circumstances, can perform magnificently without any kind of manager support (not mentioning one onboard)...

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