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This blog post is all about: what's warsaw.ex and what kind of gap it will try to fill, why you (and any other software engineer) should care (about Elixir,...

a month ago

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This blog post is all about: what's warsaw.ex and what kind of gap it will try to fill, why you (and any other software engineer) should care (about Elixir, even if you're specialised in a different tech already), who is behind that & who's invited and why I'm quite certain it will succeed this time ...

Few days ago I've published an enigmatic tweet:

As it's REALLY coming (soon), it's a good moment to share a bit more information.


Yes, Warsaw will have its Elixir meet-up again. After few attempts that didn't really make it, another crew will try to make it happen for good. You can track the record of their mission :) here and/or here.


Because the community is small, but very scattered. There are companies who work in Elixir (here in Warsaw), there are successful products brewed using Elixir, yet very few know about them - a meet-up is a good opportunity to speak/listen about war-stories, exchange experiences & opinions ... and at last but not least - to meet people who share your interests!

but why (should I care)?

OK, so let's assume you're a .NET, Java, C++, Scala, whatever-else engineer - you already know your specialty very well - what would be the point of spending time on a little known, relatively new hipster thing that is barely recognised in a job market?

There are several reasons:

who (is behind that)?

Bunch of engineers. Technical fellows who are really hooked on both - the modern, developer-friendly language created by Jose Valim & rock-solid, robust BEAM platform behind it.

No, I am not organising it (but I'll do whatever's needed to support it!), I'm just passing the message here - because I consider it both valuable & important :) There are no Managers, no HRs/Recruiters, no Sales/Marketing behind it - it's a purely engineering initiative & (IMHO) only such ones have a high chance of a long-term survival.

who (is invited)?

Everyone is welcome. Regardless of whether you already are an Erlang/Elixir/LFE/OTP/BEAM enthusiast or just a wannabe-one :)

where & when & what?

As far as I know, the agenda is being finalised, the place is already arranged, date is just to be confirmed with all the involved parties. The orgs will publish the details (on meetup.com & Facebook fan-page) in the forthcoming days.

will it succeed?

I've seen too much to tell you straight away: "Yes, it will!".

It depends on too many factors:

In this case, I've committed myself to make sure that the guys do keep their feet on the ground & remain realistic :) I am therefore strangely calm when it comes to the foreseen final effect ...

Keep your fingers crossed.

And stayed tuned (by joining the group on meetup.com or liking it on Facebook fan-page).

warsaw.ex is coming.

Sebastian Gebski

Published a month ago


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