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Sebastian Gebski

The Great Leveling

Pandemic has sped up some phenomena, changing the world forever. One of them is the global equalization of the digital society. Your location and nearest vicinity do not play such an essential role in your life anymore - more and more interactions have moved nearly exclusively into the digital space....

Sebastian Gebski

Advertising, the destroyer of worlds

One of the things I'm usually very proud of is how I collect, catalog, and process information in my personal knowledge system. Ironically, somehow I've managed to completely miss the source (& author) of a fascinating statement I've come by recently: > "Advertising destroys everything it touches. Twists, defiles, cripples, and leaves...

Sebastian Gebski

The anatomy of outrage

There are two kinds of reactions dominant in today's public space (e.g., Internet): * shallow, sycophantic, thoughtless pat (/like/upvote) - aimed primarily to increase the outreach (and invite adequate reciprocity) * fiery, sarcastic outrage - intended to depict someone's inferiority while letting one vent out ... Both are pretty interesting (from...

Sebastian Gebski

Information bubbles get more hermetic, but we stopped noticing

The way we act is (unsurprisingly) shaped by our prior (practical) experience plus the (theoretical) knowledge we acquired. In the case of such dynamic industries as software engineering, the latter shouldn't be underestimated. Keeping yourself up-to-date with successful new solutions, good practices, and proven methods is critical to remain relevant....

Sebastian Gebski

Product in demand: Veritas

We live in the Information Age []. The whole world is fueled by information; it's a new global currency. But for how long? The cost of creating information is zero. As a result, the amount of information in the global circulation grows exponentially. So...

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