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Spring-bouncing: an early review of Aeris Swopper

After one year of nearly 100% remote work, I've decided to arrange myself a new seat. It doesn't sound like something particularly exciting (almost everyone has some sort of an ergonomic chair, but we rarely talk about what we sit on, right?). However, I believe that...

Wherever I may Roam (& Research): Review

Dunno about you, but no one, ever taught me how to take notes properly. I mean - theoretically, it's not a big deal. You listen, you pay attention, you write down the most critical information and potentially underline or highlight stuff that has especially caught your attention, for...

My bite-size, subjective summary of 2020 learnings

Attention! It's one of those posts that are written merely for self-reflection, not to share anything breakthrough-ish (or pretending to be such). It's gonna be personal, I mean it. You have been warned. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was an odd year. Pretty much nothing went as planned. No-one...

Keyboardio Atreus: yeah or meh? (review)

I've bought another mechanical keyboard (technically - I've backed the Kickstarter campaign []). Feel free to call me an addict - I don't mind. It's my 4th and all three that I already have work well...

reMarkable 2: my subjective review

I am a notorious note-taker. Over the years, I've learned not to rely solely on my (or anyone else's) memory but to create well structured, concise, and adequately labeled notes for future use. It's not only required to preserve the knowledge, but it helps...

My reading summary for 2019 (with recommendations)

Just like in the previous years (... , 2018 [], 2017 [], ...), I'd like to re-visit what I've read within the last 12 months & pick the most valuable gems I could recommend to you without blenching. In general I...

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