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Sebastian Gebski

Keyboardio Atreus: yeah or meh? (review)

I've bought another mechanical keyboard (technically - I've backed the Kickstarter campaign []). Feel free to call me an addict - I don't mind. It's my 4th and all three that I already have work well until now, so I have no valid reason...

Sebastian Gebski

reMarkable 2: my subjective review

I am a notorious note-taker. Over the years, I've learned not to rely solely on my (or anyone else's) memory but to create well structured, concise, and adequately labeled notes for future use. It's not only required to preserve the knowledge, but it helps you develop some valuable abilities & skills,...

Sebastian Gebski

My reading summary for 2019 (with recommendations)

Just like in the previous years (... , 2018 [], 2017 [], ...), I'd like to re-visit what I've read within the last 12 months & pick the most valuable gems I could recommend to you without blenching. In general I tend to focus primarily on...

Sebastian Gebski

My reading summary for 2018 (with recommendations)

> No TL;DR today :) You either are interested in the recommendations or not really. Just like 12 months ago [], I'd like to share with you a short list of books I consider the best I've read last year. Fortunately, it was a very good year...

Sebastian Gebski

My reading summary for 2017 (with recommendations)

> TL;DR No TL;DR today :) You either are interested in the recommendations or not really. I've promised not to make a typical year's summary, but I thought you guys may be interested in some book recommendations - frankly speaking I'm very happy with my book selection last year as...

Sebastian Gebski

Best books I've read in 2016

Libromancer. Serial reader. Page devourer. Lego ergo sum. Yupp, I love reading & I there's no point in denying. In my case reading doesn't mean just grabbing whatever lies within reach - I'm very picky (& proud of that), so there's always a thorough pre-selection & research ritual involved :). Finishing a book ain't...

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