"There's nothing permanent except change." - Heraclitus

Disclaimer: this post is relevant to you only if you're a frequent visitor (of No Kill Switch). It's about the future of this blog and nothing else.

To keep the long story short:

  1. During the last 12 months, I've changed (matured? evolved?) my everyday routine. As a result, I write A LOT more (every day) - thoughts, ideas, conclusions. Nearly everything that comes to my mind gets digitized (& continuously revamped/updated/polished). But I do that "internally" - in my private repository (aka "second brain" - mainly in Roam Research). And no, I don't plan to share that with the rest of the world.
  2. As many of you know, I am (was?) blogging primarily for ... myself. The goal is to force myself to process the raw thoughts, structure them properly, and even challenge them (as a devil's advocate). That's why this blog sometimes feels like a journal of the topics that were (at a given time) on my mind. And that's also why I do so little to market it in public space (if the stuff isn't good enough to spread organically, then fuck it).
  3. So as the activities mentioned in points 1 & 2 play the very same role (and hence overlap) in my life, I've decided to make some adjustments to the latter one.

TL;DR - I discovered I don't need blogging that much anymore. Yikes.

What kind of adjustments then?

  • There will be no regular post cadence anymore.
  • I'll post only if I explicitly want to share something with the external world. It may be once per week but also possibly once per year (who knows?).
  • No Kill Switch audio blog (https://anchor.fm/no-kill-switch) is coming back (soon), but in a different form - it's not going to be a podcast (e.g., no guests), but rather a regular commentary on recent (& relevant) tech topics.
  • If you're interested in my opinions or just share a similar interest, feel free to follow me on Twitter (https://twitter.com/liveweird) - I'll remain active there.

That would be it. Thanks for being with me for all those years. But it's time to move further, and there's no improvement w/o a change :)

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