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Serverlessness: what makes the service serverless - part 3

In two previous posts, we've covered the nature of "serverlessness" & how it's implemented in stateless, raw-compute services. Now it's time to raise the bar ... Speaking about stateful services, let's start with something familiar to nearly everyone - transactional, relational, ACID-compliant SQL-based database. In our case, it will be Aurora Serverless...

Serverlessness: what makes the service serverless - part 1

Nothing happens without reason. The same applies to the origin of this post, which was triggered by two independent events. First of all, some time ago, I visited a local meet-up dedicated to software architecture. The main topic of the evening was "serverless", but for some reason, in the participants'...

Why I don't condemn "serverless"

Many people claim that recent hype trains (especially the most recent one - Serverless []) are not about actual novelties but more about re-visiting old patterns / practices & giving them new names (to make it feel like something new, maybe to claim the glory of a...

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