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Sebastian Gebski

Measurable goals in the lens of Systems' Theory

Goals are not rocket science, right? Just make sure they are SMART [], confirm the specific objective value, and get yourself busy, striving to get there before the deadline is due, correct? In fact, many do just that. I find it an equivalent of...

Sebastian Gebski

A simple mental model for organizing metrics

You've probably heard the popular quote, "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." attributed to W. Edwards Deming []. Few disagree with the statement, but identifying and applying correct measurements (metrics) and making sense out of them is not trivial. Some...

Sebastian Gebski

Rashomon Effect (in building software)

> TL;DR Due to software's innate complexity & its ephemeral character it may not be easy to assess the "level of its completeness" (/readiness) - it's not only that opinions on that may vary, people are also reluctant to give final statements (due to high degree of uncertainty). In the end...

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