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Sebastian Gebski

Bike-shedding: how mature are you as an engineer?

> This blog post is all about ... designing nuclear power-plants, insatiable desire to put CQRS, eventsourcing & microservices in every software product, engineers' maturity, what's more important: problems or solutions & how JIRA can help (yikes!). There are some terms in IT you'll probably never learn at any CS University course. Yet, they...

Sebastian Gebski

How important is (really) Technical Excellence?

> TL;DR In majority of scenarios real technical mastery has a tertiary degree of importance - being just solid, playing it safe & avoiding accidental complexity is just enough until market gets very dense, interest reaches viral levels or competitive factor is about pure tech (very rare). Very few companies (excluding...

Sebastian Gebski

Software like wine: ripening by "staging"

> TL;DR Building software while "on auto-pilot" doesn't work well - operational automation is more than advised, but understanding (in-depth) why-you-do what-you-do is absolutely essential. However, there are certain practices many stick to, without really understanding their purpose & descendant effects. One of them is "staging" - an anti-pattern that should...

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