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How (badly) broken is the web?

... #1 The author of "Weapons of Math Descruction" [] (Cathy O'Neil) raises the alarm - we not only generate, but also process more & more data. Usually in a non-transparent, unclear way - the consequences of mistakes or imperfections (e.g. over-simplification) affect people's lives...

If you haven't noticed yet, passwords are dead - part II

This post is a continuation of previous post, please find the part I here [] Ok, so my password may have leaked - what's a big deal? What if it was a meaningless password to the minor site, bound with account that does not contain any...

If you haven't noticed yet, passwords are dead - part I

No more slacking and delaying the unevitable, this weekend I've migrated fully to cloud password manager. It doesn't mean I didn't use it before - for over a year I was using KeePass [] with DropBox synchronization, but even if I like & admire the idea of Open Source,...

Microsoft vs Security - surprise?

Every now and then, someone wonders why I bother myself with Microsoft technologies in enterprise environment - "everyone knows that Microsoft software is buggy, prone to malware, viruses and exploits". Obviously, reasons of such thinking come from the times of MS DOS and first versions of Windows, but some think...

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