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You probably shouldn't be turning everything into SPAs

> TL;DR Modern JS app-building frameworks & libs share one quality - they are component-based. Why not use this (high) granularity to bundle components into small, user journey-focused micro-apps instead of building humongous, complex SPAs. Such model, if applied properly, may bring certain qualities usually associated to microservices into...

Few test-related tricks for (even) the old dogs

Just some random thoughts / stuff I've bumped into recently. Enjoy. Interweave tests in support I love this legacy code rule (it's supposed to help fighting the technical debt): > When you touch any existing piece of code, always leave it in at least slightly better shape...

Fat is not dead. Sort of.

JS, JS, JS everywhere JavaScript is the language of the web - we all have heard that many times. It has a variety of potential usages in various (sometimes not obvious) scenarios - even server-side ones - but there was a category of applications I could not imagine JS in...

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