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Sebastian Gebski

My time-travel banking experiment, part II

Last week I introduced [https://no-kill-switch.ghost.io/my-time-travel-online-banking-experiment-part-i/] you to Inteligo (online banking experience straight from 2001) and presented its brief story (... of permanent stagnation). Now we can smoothly transition into comparing it with "modern banking customer experience" (the one you know from any bank you're using these days)...

Sebastian Gebski

My time-travel online banking experiment, part I

If you trace the news in financial services (banking, insurance, etc.), it's hard not to be overly enthusiastic - the terms like 'digital disruption', 'fintech innovation', 'banking 3.0', 'blockchain-powered XYZ', 'transformative services' are flying left and right in everyday announcements. Apparently, very conservative, highly regulated, traditional institutions are now...

Sebastian Gebski

Bullshit hunting: Digital (and digitalization)

> TL;DR - the word "digital" became a real catch-all in 2016 - everyone wants to digitalize [http://culturedigitally.org/2014/09/digitalization-and-digitization/] their business, w/o understanding what it truly means: no wonder that it attracts all kinds of impostors, slyboots & other types of consultants ;P - all eager...

Sebastian Gebski

My favourite top 10 of IT-related bullshit

There's a common saying: > The truth will attend to itself. Quite naive one, I'd say. Sadly, it sometimes doesn't work even in the world of IT (supposedly based on scientific & engineering fundamentals), especially near the boundaries between engineering & other disciplines where everyone considers himself an expert (or at least pretends...

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