This is my personal blog & I strive to keep anything related with my current employer / project / client aside, but sometimes those dimensions interfere in a way that forces (or at least pushes) me to break / bend that rule. Like today.

"You must gather your party before venturing forth."

I need more people for the team I lead. Yes, large companies (and I work for a large company atm) usually have dedicated recruitment specialists, but to be honest this rarely works well for knowledge workers' recruitment (especially programmers). I've read somewhere recently (most likely "Management 3.0" by Jurgen Appelo) that recruitment is actually one of the top responsibilities of a manager & I totally agree. To the point then ...

Who ...

... am I looking for?

Role: C# developer(s), but the broadminded one(s) :)

  • with a strong developer's background & engineer's common-sense
  • capable of at least intermediate level .NET programming in C# (3.x/4.x), namely:
    • web applications (ASP.NET MVC, OWIN)
    • integration & communication (WCF)
    • database access (NHibernate, EF, microORMs)
    • security basics (PKI, claims)
  • acknowledged with modern development practices (SOLID, TDD) & tools (DVCS, ORM, IoC containers)
  • radically ambitious & glory-starved
  • driven be self-development & the urge to learn

Just to make sure that we understand each other correctly:

  1. there's no "required X years blah blah development experience", because there's space for both inexperienced & experienced newjoiners - it's more a matter of talent, potential & determination than the actual past experience
  2. the only particular frameworks / libraries you're required to have a prior practical experience with are: ASP.NET MVC & WCF; for instance: I don't care which IoC containers have you used in the past as long as you get the idea, you know what they are supposed to do & you're able to learn using a new one if needed

Nice to have ...

... skills / capabilities are:

  • JavaScript front-end programming (jQuery, any SPA-like lib)
  • any JVM-based language programming (Java, Scala, Clojure, Groovy, ...)
  • PowerShell command-crafting
  • message-oriented middleware (MSMQ, WebSphere MQ, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, Apache Kafka)
  • distributed processing frameworks (Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark)
  • distributed databases (Apache Cassandra, Riak, Redis, HBASE)

How ...

... do we do stuff here?

  1. Team set-up:
  • small teams, 2-3 people co-operating on tasks
  • non-blocking, async peer code reviews (~100% coverage)
  • developers are highly autonomous in their work (& how they do it)
  • responsibility is on team, not individual(s)
  • we never plan overtime & strive (succesfully) to keep avg 40h per week (flexible work hours)
  1. Tasks:
  • tasks prioritized via Kanban board, daily grooming
  • tasks split & distribution self-governed by team
  • minimum formal documentation (usually user stories), but we emphasize noting down ANYTHING that's a lesson learned (wiki)
  • MVP (minimum viable product) + as much enhancements as we can do in a timebox
  • varying release cycle lengths (the shorter the better)
  1. Tools & practices:
  • low automated tests coverage (but improving)
  • continuous integration (TeamCity, Jenkins)
  • Visual Studio 2013, .NET 4.0/4.5.x, Git, JIRA
  • ReSharper, Autofac, NHibernate, AutoMapper, Moq, NLog, ...
  • we're highly autonomous in terms of tools we use (software; in terms of hardware we're more rigid ...)


Warsaw, Poland - but not in Domaniewska hood :)
100% on-site (no "remote" option).


Multi-tier, service-based on-line high-availability applications for large, financial services corporation:

  • business critical (24/7 availability usually)
  • mainly end-user facing
  • complex, challenging functional domains
  • highly integrated with other apps / systems
  • emphasis on scalability & high performance (surprise, surprise!)

For whom?

B2B in international consulting - due to procedural reasons I can't put the details here, but feel free to poke me so I can provide all the necessary information :)


Q.: Contract type?
A.: Employment contract

Q.: Since when?
A.: Even tomorrow. The faster, the better. But I find building the team a continous process, so if you're really good and / or promising, I'm sure we can find you a spot whenever you come.

Q.: Salary range?
A.: As I've written above, we're looking for both juniors & seniors, so the brackets are set quite wide - as we have more than 1 slot to fill, we're rather flexible: of course if you can convince me you're worthy ...

Q.: Additional benefits?
A.: Yesss. Training budget, both internal & external. Private medical care. Social event budget. Sport subscription package. Insurance. Corporate AMEX card. And more that doesn't come up to my mind ATM.

Q.: Why are you writing this in English, are you using Polish in everyday's work?
A.: Yes, we use Polish, but IMHO a developer who's not able to understand such a basic text in english is just crippling himself. English for the software development is what latin is for medicine, regardless of whether you like it or not.

Q.: Anything else I should know?
A.: Yes. "... young, dynamic team ...", "... opportunities to grow ...", "... global brand ...", "... Fortune TOP 500 clients ...", yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda ... :)


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