So, what's the fuss about?

Here I am, switching blogging platform again. Tumblr worked quite fine for me, at least for new months, but in the end it feels more like a social network than a blogging engine. It's neat enough if you're up to link some pics or slap a sentence or two, but it's far too limited to write anything tekky.

That's why I've decided to look for something else and after some research I've decided to give Ghost a go. Why Ghost?

  • it's still quite an early version, but I love the roadmap - it's very ambicious and it's packed with good ideas
  • I do have to pay for the hosted version, but it's still much cheaper than WordPress and themes are not only very good looking, but cheaper as well (especially when compared with Tumblr ones)
  • it looks very programmer-friendly: it was designed in the way to be extensible
  • it's Open Source! :)
  • I have a good feeling about this :D

To cut the long story short

I've moved, there will be no posts published on my Tumblr account anymore and I'm going to migrate the archive posts from Tumblr to Ghost in a few days time, so stay prone. For now, you can still access all the archive posts here:

P.S. Even if I've decided to move to Ghost, I have to admit that I'm truly impressed with a site named Medium ( - a simple, but decent blogging platform aquired by Twitter. Its design is simply stunning - minimalistic, but very appealing. Unfortunately, it's a bit too limited for my personal purpose.

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