I've spend last few days on some activities that were not necessarily related directly to software development:

  • I was taking part in organizing Technology Architecture workshop (including Call for Papers phase)
  • I was setting up some local knowledge exchange sessions for enthusiasts
  • I was trying to trigger an initiative or two in a local software workshop

One of the best things about all those things is that I had an opportunity to speak with some interesting people of various experience level. The one thing that has struck me was:

People lower the expectations' bar for their career pretty low very quickly.

Smart guys who have barely left the university have already acknowledged that:

  • they will just do what they are told to do and that's fine - even if it's boring
  • they will never do anything particularily inventive or interesting, because such things are being done only in Sillicon Valley
  • the managers will cut all the innovative initiatives anyway, because these are gold-plating and there's no budget for that

It's a terrible mentality of a bitter old men, who have no belief left in anything.

Let me say my credo then:

What makes me go to work every day is the certainty that:

  • I am here to make a freaking, massive imprint on the world
  • my greatest achievement is always still ahead of me
  • whether I succeed or not is dependant just on me and people I lead, so the success is inevitable (because we're awesome ;D)

I call it The Insatiable Hunger Within syndrome - the neverending journey towards continuous levelling-up the awesomeness. You may call it ambition's hypertrophy, obsession or some kind or workaholism, but I'm proud of it. You may accuse me of being brain-washed and just taking part in The Rat Race, but I DO IT FOR MYSELF (& MY GANG), not for my employer (so if an employer becomes an obstacle, good-bye it is).

The MYSELF part is pretty obvious, but what about MY GANG part - am I really that altruistic? To be honest, it's very simple: this is a team game and individuals never succeed here. One can't do anything w/o team - it's the joint effort that can move whole mountains.

Joint effort = joint success (or joint failure).

All of the above should really, really apply to you as well. What could stop you today?

  • the access to knowledge is almost free
  • the tools are very cheap
  • the communication is as easy and accessible as it never was before

There's no fun in aiming low.

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