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Sebastian Gebski

How to sink a product/platform business?

How can one recognize whether a product company has a chance to be truly successful, or well, it's doomed for a somewhat vegetative existence? If I had the decent answer to that problem, I'd probably be crazy rich already - so the fact is: I don't. But I think I...

Sebastian Gebski

Knocking down a featurestein

Story #1 I'm a serial note-taker. I've used dozens of apps to improve my note-taking: tag information, simplify formatting, improve navigation, etc. I wasn't limiting myself to free software only: paying for software was never an issue - as long as the software was adding some real value. Some of...

Sebastian Gebski

Developers who don't ask WHY

> TL;DR Over the next few years we'll likely see another big shift in software developement industry -> basic app building knowledge will commoditize & another generation of smaller & bigger development centers will pop up. This model is highly inefficient & in majority of cases results in creating crap, but market is...

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