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ApprovalTests for .NET - seems crazy, but there's a point...

To be honest, I haven't heard about ApprovalTests [http://approvaltests.sourceforge.net/] library until just few days ago, when I've spotted a new course on Pluralsight [http://beta.pluralsight.com/] - Approval Tests for .NET [http://beta.pluralsight.com/courses/approval-tests-dotnet]. But the concept seems interesting enough to catch my...

Reactive Programming in .NET (using Rx)

Private advertisement mode ON In about 1-1.5 week time I'll be presenting about Reactive Programming in .NET at WG.NET [http://www.wg.net.pl/]. The final date is not confirmed yet (it should be very soon & I'll update this post for sure), but it should be around 21st...

Share your code problem with a whole world #likeaboss

I am quite tempered, so if I were to name all the things that annoy me, the litany could be quite long ;) It applies to both personal & professional topics of course. Speaking about the latter - one of the behaviors that immediately raise my temperature at least by 3 degrees...

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