Doing a cool project is … well, cool. Especially it it’s different to other project (all projects are different by definition, but in this case I mean *significantly* different) - unique or special is some way. New mBank ( was exactly like that:

  • full blown access channels overhaul for largest internet bank in Poland
  • multiple project locations in different cities
  • multiple companies involved, more than 10 teams working in parallel
  • complex integration with the living IT landscape
  • truly uniform multi-layer scalable service architecture
  • on-line banking web channel as SPA in Backbone.js (most likely first such SPA in Poland)
  • the need to orchestrate the dependencies between literally thousands of living components that were changed during the project
  • etc.

And all of that mainly in .NET - I haven’t seen many comparable (in terms of size) solutions based on Microsoft stack so far.

Why do I mention that? Because you’ll have an unique opportunity to make a sneak peek “under the hood” of New mBank and listen about interesting technical aspects of that project!

The representatives of New mBank developers will make a presentation for everyone who’d like to hear about their unique experience on that project.

Here are the details:

  • When: 27.02.2014, 1800h
  • Where: Warsaw .NET Group @ Wydział Matematyki i Nauk Informacyjnych Politechniki Warszawskiej, ul. Koszykowa 75, room 328
  • Who: Piotr Stapp, Szymon Kulec, Roberto Prevato (and myself as a cheerleader / ring announcer …)
  • Link to event:
  • Free admission, no registration required

What will you hear about (if you decide to come)?

  1. How did we manage to make external UIUX artists to cooperate with programmers?
  2. Is it possible to reasonably structure JavaScript code when you line count exceeds 1_000_000?
  3. How to share code artifacts efficiently with more than 100 programmers?
  4. Making ASP.NET MVC apps truly modular
  5. How to trace bugs / bottlenecks in multi-layer, multi-technology applications landscape.

Obviously this is just a selection of topics that we find most interesting, but there may be some completely different aspects of the project the audience could be interested with, so we’re planning to have a Q&A session after the presentation part as well.

Hereby, on behalf of my colleagues (and myself as well) I encourage you to come and participate in this event. Hopefully we can count you in. See you on 27th!

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