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One thing that disturbs me in Web APIs

Disclaimer: this post wasn't planned at all, but the concept kept bothering me, so I couldn't resist turning it (spontaneously) into a blog post ... Let's consider Web APIs, for a minute. For a reason, as they are still the foundation of the Internet as...

TypeScript has silently won the web development

Roughly 10 months ago I've written [https://no-kill-switch.ghost.io/web-for-the-impatient-using-the-language-of-the-future/] about the way Babel.js [https://babeljs.io/] (& ES6) has changed web development in such a short time. Let me remind you just my final conclusion: > You don't have to wait anymore, there&...

Fat is not dead. Sort of.

JS, JS, JS everywhere JavaScript is the language of the web - we all have heard that many times. It has a variety of potential usages in various (sometimes not obvious) scenarios - even server-side ones - but there was a category of applications I could not imagine JS in...

Browserify - the tiny gem that makes a difference

So, you've got a lot of JavaScript code and you've decided to give it some structure - extract & encapsulate modules, set up some dependencies. Most likely you've seen require.js [http://requirejs.org/] already (or some kind of equivalent) and you love it....

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