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On metaverse, but w/o bullshit & hype

Last week's Apple's announcement of a fancy AR goggle set (Apple Vision Pro) has spurred yet another wave of ridiculous comments online: "Is this a future of metaverse?", "'Spatial computing' eats the metaverse!", "Who is more 'meta': Meta or Apple?" Add that to the previous hype on the topic & it...

How much 'decentralized' is enough?

Web3 is a hot topic these days. No, I do not mean Web 3.0 [] (so-called "The Semantic Web"), but Web3 [] - the (somehow vague) idea of building the next stage of the Internet upon "a fully...

The missing ingredient of (today's) decentralized systems

Opinion (mine), not a fact: 95% of currently existing truly decentralized systems (typically blockchain-based) are rubbish. Or, if you're asking for more precise classification, they can be allotted as follows: * systems that should never be decentralized (because there's no point) - example: all the corpo-blockchains * modern equivalents of a Ponzi...

I am hooked on blockchain, sorry

> TL;DR The need for the decentralized systems is not a fairy tale - we (as a society) depend more and more on opaque "weapons of math destruction", struggle with real-world ecosystems that are just too complex to be manageable in traditional ways. I tend to believe that an amalgamate...

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