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Sebastian Gebski

DevTalk #32 - Elixir - Post Scriptum

As some of your already know, I had a great pleasure to participate in latest episode of DevTalk podcast [http://devtalk.pl/]. Why was it such a great pleasure? 1. Because good chat in a good company is always a pleasure :) Thanks, Maciej [http://www.maciejaniserowicz.com/]. 2. Well, it...

Sebastian Gebski

Becoming a REPLicant

You've heard about REPL [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Read%E2%80%93eval%E2%80%93print_loop], didn't you? REPL stands for Read Eval Print Loop & it's a common name for platform/language-specific shells that give you the ability to do live programming with line-by-line evaluation as you finish each...

Sebastian Gebski

How I got myself into alchemy - part II

Previous post in the series can be found here [https://no-kill-switch.ghost.io/how-i-got-myself-into-alchemy-part-i/]. Back to potion-mixing business then. I've decided to go for functional chemistry, but should you? Should your pals? Should everybody around because it's presumable The Next Big Thing? Alchemy for the masses Let's make it clear...

Sebastian Gebski

How I got myself into alchemy - part I

I am a notorious cheater. * in 2001 I've betrayed Java for .NET * until late 2006-2007 I've been involved in several, stormy romances with unmanaged C++ (we had some past already ...) * around 2011 I began secret meetings with JavaScript, a lot of passion & screaming was involved * in 2013 I went full-slut-mode...

Sebastian Gebski

Hyperledger - FinTech project that dares for more

Spotting an interesting product developing is always nice. And spotting a product that is related to few favorite topics of yours is almost like winning the lottery ;) That's why Hyperledger [http://hyperledger.com/] has grabbed my undivided attention so easily: * it's highly distributed in a way that resembles BitCoin (but...

Sebastian Gebski

Specializing functions in Elixir - reminiscence from the past?

As I treat my crusade to remaining 'polyglot' very serious, I'm putting significant focus on The BEAM (Erlang [http://www.erlang.org/] VM) as a platform & Elixir [http://elixir-lang.org/] in particular. Why Elixir over Erlang? It's quite a long story that deserves a separate post, so let me skip...

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