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Two flavours of Functional Programming

_Disclaimer: this post is not intended to provoke or troll anyone. The idea isn't to present any language / paradigm as better or worse than any other. I have friends who prefer (& use on the daily basis) all the technologies mentioned below - I respect all of them...

Failed revolution? Renaissance of FP, 3 yrs later

Roughly 2-3 years ago, we've all experienced the popularity outburst of so-called New Wave of Functional Programming languages. As everyone was rediscovering the FP paradigm ("re-" is important here as actually there were no new concepts, just a re-visit of something well known from the past)...

Becoming a REPLicant

You've heard about REPL [], didn't you? REPL stands for Read Eval Print Loop & it's a common name for platform/language-specific shells that give you the ability to do live programming...

State pattern, tech debt fertilizer

A short post about unreasonable usage of State pattern [] - something I keep seeing every so often in code (regardless of language / platform). What's a State pattern? State pattern is a way to encapsulate state (& behaviour that depends upon it)...

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