As some of your already know, I had a great pleasure to participate in latest episode of DevTalk podcast. Why was it such a great pleasure?

  1. Because good chat in a good company is always a pleasure :) Thanks, Maciej.
  2. Well, it was DevTalk - AFAIK the most popular developer podcast in PL.
  3. And because the episode's topic was among my most favourite ones - Elixir language.

If you haven't listened to this episode yet (btw. it's in polish), you can check this link and if you already have, I have some additional materials / links / references you can find interesting:


  • Elixir Fountain - in my TOP3 of all podcasts I listen to; it's not really packed with internals or Elixir-specific low-level knowledge, on the contrary: Johnny Winn invites interesting people from Elixir/Erlang community to talk with them about their inspiration, plans, how they got involved into topic & such. Really low entry threshold.


  • Elixir in Action by Sasa Juric & Programming Elixir by Dave Thomas. Two absolutely fabulous books about Elixir - I can't really say honestly which one is better - PE may have inspired me more, but it may have been just an impression as I can't find any real flaws in EiA either. My reviews here & here.
  • Metaprogramming Elixir by Chris McCord - a book for those who want to utilize Elixir's exceptional potential for metaprogramming with macros. But beware, it's not for beginners. My review here.
  • Programming Phoenix by Chris McCord, Bruce Tate and José Valim - the one & only book about Phoenix, but don't worry - even if it has no competition, the quality is VERY high, strongly recommended. My review here.

On-line courses

  • Learn Elixir - for people who want to learn a quick & intensified learning experience. This course is mainly about learning syntax & basic usage, so treat it as a basic foundation for your advantage with Elixir. But still, it's a very solid foundation that can help you start programming Elixir in a very short time.
  • DailyDrip - it's a reboot of widely known Elixir learning resource - Elixir Sips. 230+ short, intense code-based lessons to help you get familiar with practical, day-to-day Elixir usage scenarios. And you get 1/2 new episodes per week - doesn't it sound like a good deal?

Conf talks

There were many interesting talks regarding Elixir - you can starts with recorded videos from these conferences:

Alternative resources

  • Red Four - Elixir learning course by ... Rob Conery. Made ... in Electron (yes, you've read it right, no typo here). Honestly, I didn't have a proper amount of time to give it a proper go, but what I've already seen was quite encouraging.

Interesting projects

  • Phoenix - mature web framework, focused on reactive application development
  • Ecto - AKA LINQ for Elixir ;)
  • Hex - package manager for Elixir
  • Nerves - BEAM as a heart of IoT ;P
  • Erlang on Xen - Erlang micro-kernels - minimum bloat, maximum performance, fit for the purpose

Other links


If you have any questions / comments / suggestions - anything that's related to Elixir / Erlang / OTP - feel free to contact me. I'd be more than glad to help you get involved.

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