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My reading summary for 2017 (with recommendations)

> TL;DR No TL;DR today :) You either are interested in the recommendations or not really. I've promised not to make a typical year's summary, but I thought you guys may be interested in some book recommendations - frankly speaking I'm very happy...

Why I don't want Netflix of (tech) books

> TL;DR Subscription-based distribution models tend to get more & more popular, but not for books, at least not yet. Many have an ambition of becoming "the Netflix of books" (see recent O'Reilly's announcement), but frankly - I don't like the...

Best books I've read in 2016

Libromancer. Serial reader. Page devourer. Lego ergo sum. Yupp, I love reading & I there's no point in denying. In my case reading doesn't mean just grabbing whatever lies within reach - I'm very picky (& proud of that), so there's always...

The best of 2015 - books I've read

I've already published my summary post for 2015 [], but it surely deservers few supplements & here's the first of them: list of the best books I've read in 2015 . Please, keep in mind that it doesn't imply...

Credo of the bookworm

I'm a hopeless case of a typical bookworm - I don't read books, I just devour them. Fiction, non-fiction, tech: everything. In general people in the industry acknowledge the fact that we're supposed to keep learning or we're out of business (and...

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