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TL;DR - These are not just great times to be a Software Engineer - it's even better to be a Software Engineering Manager. Plenty of open development opportunities help in shaping your own, individual professional profile. Physical world borders are far less constraining in that industry. True engineering expertise (& individuals who can apply it within whole organization) gets noticed & appreciated. And

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TL;DR - commoditization of agile methods have brought a shift in thinking about managers' role & leadership in general, industry seems enchanted with idea of servant leadership, self-organizing teams & Management 3.0. But ... in fact the most successful examples of leadership represent a category of "scoundrel leaders" - ruthless, narcissistic manipulators who subdue everything (& everyone) to their vision & style. Let's

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Have you heard about groupthink before? If you didn't, this blog post is for you - better to know such vicious enemy before you actually encounter him ... The most clear (& still concise) definition I've found goes like that:

"Groupthink occurs when a group values harmony and coherence over accurate analysis and critical evaluation. It causes individual members of the group to unquestioningly follow

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I was chosen by Heaven.
Say my name when you pray.
To the sky! See Carolus rise.


No man alive or dead commands me, I answer to the Lord!
Hear my orders, question me and die.
What I say was set in Heaven, and so it shall be done!

Sabaton "Carolus Rex"

Anointed by the gods

We have a huge problem with leadership in

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While browsing various job offers (grin) on-line, I've found something I consider a a bit funny. Some guy was posting job offers for tech people of various levels - not as an intermediary, it was his own company. Requirements were quite clear & straightforward, but in 'expectations' section I've found a very interesting point (marked as a-must-have):

  • loyalty

Hmm, what exactly is loyalty? The

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I'm recently a bit fixated on the idea of high performance workplaces. What makes a bunch of people (with all the surroundings) performing like a Swiss watch, or at least better than another gang (with similar abilities, working on congenial products)? Obviously the answer ain't trivial and it would take at least 10 blog posts to cover the most basic stuff. But there's one