Sebastian Gebski

Do you recognize any of the following scenarios?

  1. Continuous influx of requirements put you into permanent death-march - you're always struggling against deadlines, there's never time for refactoring, unit testing, etc.
  2. Firefighting is your bread'n'butter - issues pop up on daily basis here & there, so there's never time to fix (or even locate) the root cause or go through thorough post mortem.
  3. You've
Sebastian Gebski

Disclaimer: the idea of immutable code ain't mine - I've read/heard about it somewhere (can't recall precisely ;/) some time ago & it sticked with me.

Code maintenance is already a huge problem & it won't get any better by itself. Software is everywhere - even mundane, basic everyday tools get "digital" & ... flawed. Two, three years ago I was encountering bugs (in software