Heavy e-mail overdose

Being an Internet old-timer has some cons. I miss ol' good times when the word netiquette had some significance. Times have changed and [ ... long, sour rant here ;) ... ]. Nowadays people tend to use some Internet tools mindlessly, without caring how it affects other people work / time. E-mail is a great example.

"Doveryai, no proveryai." ("Trust, but verify.") Ronald Reagan (to Mikhail Gorbachev) Developing an enterprise-level software product is never easy ("thanks, Sherlock!") & clearly doesn't depend on pure programming skills only ("now you tell me?!"). That's why we have all those "processes", "activities", "methodologies", etc. Their shared (& sometimes indirect) purpose

Self-governing, self-stating, self-managing, self-organizing TEAM. Combined human potential. Direct interactions & co-operation. Simplifying communication routes. Power to the (team) people. Yay. Yes, that's right, agile approach promotes all the team-related statements listed above. Scrum team, in favorable circumstances, can perform magnificently without any kind of manager support (not mentioning one