Sebastian Gebski

Let's start with a short quote from the book I'm reading at the moment (recommended, good stuff):

"In good organizations, people can focus on their work and have confidence that if they get their work done, good things will happen for both the company and them personally.


In a poor organization, on the other hand, people spend too much of their time fighting organizational

Sebastian Gebski

While browsing various job offers (grin) on-line, I've found something I consider a a bit funny. Some guy was posting job offers for tech people of various levels - not as an intermediary, it was his own company. Requirements were quite clear & straightforward, but in 'expectations' section I've found a very interesting point (marked as a-must-have):

  • loyalty

Hmm, what exactly is loyalty? The

Sebastian Gebski

We're living in the Age of Information & sharing your own ideas has never been so easy. In IT we're getting constantly flooded with new libraries, frameworks, platforms, methods, ... One of the most recent additions to the never-ending stack of novelties is named Holacracy and ... it's certainly worth mentioning.

Holacracy has been born to enable scaling up for well-performing, small, start-up-alike organizations, so they

Sebastian Gebski

I'm recently a bit fixated on the idea of high performance workplaces. What makes a bunch of people (with all the surroundings) performing like a Swiss watch, or at least better than another gang (with similar abilities, working on congenial products)? Obviously the answer ain't trivial and it would take at least 10 blog posts to cover the most basic stuff. But there's one