This was the final post I’ve published on my company internal blog. As you can see, I’ve moved to public and some time after that I’ve migrated all the archive posts - that should clarify some statements that may look odd :)

This is the last post on my blog. After 368 days and 123 posts, I’ve decided to give it up. Why? Basically I’ve failed to attract the readers. Either topics were not interesting enough or maybe people just didn’t find them relevant for their work (or both). This way or another, it doesn’t make sense to continue - the time spent on writing posts may be spent on something more productive (and that’s my free time so I value it high :)). Obviously, I could have worked harder on “internal advertising” the blog, but I wanted it to expand by so-called “organic growth” - people who find it useful would tell about it to their co-workers, etc. It was the only way acceptable for me: I wouldn’t accept neither spamming about it nor forcing my co-workers to read it. Sadly, it didn’t work out and I’m the one to be blamed. Just the few numbers at the end (we’re Accenture, we do like numbers :)):

  • 368 days
  • 123 posts
  • 9 subscriptions
  • ~8 views per post in the recent period (average)
  • 1172 total views (no clue if it counts subscriptions in any way)
One last remark - I’d like to thank all the readers and commenters. Without you this experiment wouldn’t last even for a year. All the best.
Shutdown completed.
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