Short project story has inspired me to write this blog post - one of the newjoiners on the project has made an effort to introduce an interesting (and very useful) tool to his team members. Unfortunately, they were not eager to listen as they took this suggestion personally (sounds ridiculous, I know…. to cut the long story short, you can’t help with some behaviors of client people, right? :)). Anyway I personally like this tool a lot and that’s why I’d like to tell you all a bit about Greasemonkey (

  1. Greasemonkey is not a standalone application, but a plug-in for Firefox web browser. But don’t worry, there’s also a version for Chrome named Tampermonkey (you can find it in Chrome Store, it’s free).
  2. Greasemonkey makes you able to modify the web pages you don’t own :) Of course modify only for you and only on your computer.
  3. "WHAT FOR?!" Oh, cmon, there are so many reasons:
    1. to automate some activities or shorten them up if the navigation scheme on particular site is abysmal
    2. to scrap data! :D
    3. to remove ads :DD
    4. to filter out data or just remove what’s relevant for you
Are there any particular skills you need to master to be able to use Greasemonkey / Tampermonkey? Just HTML + CSS + JavaScript. The scripts (user scripts) you use in GM / TM are written in JavaScript (do you feel the poweralready? :D). 
To learn more:
You’re welcome :)
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