"Sharing is good" - isn’t it what we’ve all been taught in nursery school? Sure it is and here I am - sharing my thoughts, ideas and what I’ve learned / found out recently. Frankly speaking, I’m not doing it for the first time (blogging, I mean blogging!), but so far I never did it openly in public - so anyway it’s definitely something new for me.

Who am I and what can you expect to find here then? Majority of what I do is about creating software - either as a technical architect (*that* kind of archiect that doesn’t live in ivory tower and is not afraid to “get his hands dirty” in internals) or a manager (you know, the role about intimidating people, destroying their private life and making them cry every so often…).

So, I’ll be rambling about .NET, .NET, .NET, ermm, ^M^M^M^M^M^M, no, not only about .NET. I’d rather say - about software development regardless of technology. And about managing projects - expect some rants based on RL experience and a lot of agile preaching (as I find myself an agile zealot).

Hopefully I didn’t scare you yet. Read you later.

P.S. Where’s the odd blog title taken from? My favourite Dilbert strip: http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2012-02-11/

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