And so little time to write about it… I’ll try to focus on what was most interesting.

Microsoft announced some toys again …You’ve most likely already seen both tablets ("Surface") and Windows Phone 8. Plenty have been written on the web about them, so I’m not going to repeat all that. I just want to indicate two reasons why I’m a bit disappointed:

  • Win8 tablets were supposed to remain at the cost level of Androids ones. Now it seems more like iPad level… WTF MSFT?!
  • Denying upgrades from WP7.5 to WP8 without hardware change seems unfair for all those suckers (me included) who have bought devices with WP7/7.5. Doesn’t it?
Martin Fowler has published a very interesting presentation …Martin is my guru, a true authority I honestly respect. That’s why I try hard to read all his publications - there’s always something interesting to find there. This time, Martin has made a great presentation about creating applications for multiple mobile platforms - a real problem we already encounter (and believe me, it will happen more and more often). After getting acknowledged with the presentation, I must admit I agree with all what Martin have written. If you want to make your own opinion, try that url:
Creators of SCRUM have published a new book on agile approach to software creation … If you’re already familiar with SCRUM, don’t bother. SCRUM is that simple that reading about it once is really enough. But if you haven’t, this book seems like a nice introduction:
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