Already implemented solutions are the great source of inspiration - that’s why I keep checking latest start-ups, especially those truly successful. Obviously even if some service gets popular, it doesn’t mean that it will get really profitable (and survive…) - that’s why start-ups with good business cases and value-bringing implementation should get even more attention. CRM is definitely the area where you can find some new interesting market players (especially in-cloud ones) but there’s only one remarkably shining diamond in CRM battleground -

If you want to see how it works, you should start with few introductory videos - you can find the in ‘demos’ section on their main website: The ones you should really look at are
  • Sales Cloud one
  • Service Cloud one
Funny thing is that they really focused on utilizing social media and it seems (at least on the video) that it works o_O
Have any of you seen this in practice? Do you have any practical experience in introducing for any of our clients? Personally I don’t know anyone who does, but Accenture claims to be one of partners and co-organizer of their most important summit - DreamForce (, so I expect we have people who already have laid their hands on that.
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