So, I’m back. What was happening during those few days?

  1. I moved. New flat, new surroundings, new environment, new reality. To be brief - seems like a vast improvement, so far - so good.
  2. I’ve started digging into SignalR ( - async signaling library for .NET. You can expect some kind of review appearing here shortly.
  3. We’ve got a new colleague in our project team - analyst programmer from Avanade (joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft)! For some of you it may not be a big deal, but we don’t have Avanade office here in Poland, so it was quite a challange (in an organizational way, but not only) - anyway, he’ll be here for 3 months and we’re happy to start our cooperation with Avanade this way :)
  4. Microsoft has finally updated its All-In-One code sample browser ( - it seems to work much faster (but it’s still ClickOnce…)
  5. I’m struggling with full client-side event aggregator in JavaScript - works like a dream as long as I don’t load my partial views with Ajax. I won’t give up anyway :)
  6. The most interesting news today - ScottGu (I mean Scott Guthrie :>) has announced (on his blog) Windows Azure Media Services ( - more details can be found here:

In next few days I’ll get back to normal blogging (new post every 2-4 days) - stay in touch!

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