Sebastian Gebski

February is over, so it was a high time to open the conference season in 2015 already ;P Due to practical reasons I carefully track such events that happen in Poland (not much to be tracked, but the number is increasing from year to year) - that's how I found myself in Cracow on 26th of February, the 1st day of Lambda Days, relatively

Sebastian Gebski

Producing a lot of data doesn't bring value by itself, even if data actually makes sense. Storing a lot of data doesn't bring value by itself either. The ability to process all this data is the key to bring some actual value.

What is more, the processing has to:

  • be efficient
  • be ready for continuous adjustments, enhancements, improvements & further development

Honestly, if you're

Sebastian Gebski

Majority of my co-workers and acquaintances associate me (and my professional work) with the .NET stack. This association is so strong that when I tell them about my recent works with Scala/Akka, they think I'm nuts (or close to):

What's the point of learning another stack if you've committed so much time and effort to master the previous one?

Don't worry - I'm