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Craft Conference is A-MUST-ATTEND on my conference list for each consecutive year. I tend to prefer specialized events (dedicated to particular method / technology / platform), but Craft allures me with its "crafters for crafters" approach - speaker list is totally dominated by engineers & other practitioners from unicorn companies. Even if their sessions sometimes do not fully meet my expectations, I can approach them directly

Sebastian Gebski

All right, as it's already official now ...

... let me personally invite you all to my session:

Title: Azure Service Fabric: how to weave services in hyper-scale


In November 2015 Microsoft shared an initial version (Public Preview)

Sebastian Gebski

Another conference (Confitura 2015), another boost of positive energy, inspiring ideas, sense of belonging to dynamic & developing community. I'll skip the usual session reviewing part this time, I'll focus on a very selective list of personal remarks instead:


Confitura's supposed to be a free conference: that's how its Orgs want it. But being a free Java conference held in a capital

Sebastian Gebski

Budapest is absolutely stunning in April.
Beautiful. Charming. Adorable. Marvelous.

Its magnificence is so overwhelming that I had difficulties with fully focusing on Craft Conf 2015 - very interesting conference that took place few days ago in Budapest exactly. Interesting enough to write a blog post about it.

Let me start with ...

... my reasons for going there

At first glance, there may be some

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If you expect a detailed review of the conference, you'll be disappointed - I will not enumerate all the speakers nor summarize every session I've participated in - it would be pretty pointless to be honest. I'm going to put some brief bullets with the key observations I have - hopefully something both participants & non-participants will find amusing. And if you (by any

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My #confspree continues - this time I've invaded Budapest to participate (as a crowd fodder) in Craft - two-day long conference about software craftsmanship (surprise! surprise!). It was the first edition of Craft, so there was a chance that the whole thing would be a waste of time & money, but the price was affordable, Budapest is not that far away from Warsaw and