Sebastian Gebski

February is over, so it was a high time to open the conference season in 2015 already ;P Due to practical reasons I carefully track such events that happen in Poland (not much to be tracked, but the number is increasing from year to year) - that's how I found myself in Cracow on 26th of February, the 1st day of Lambda Days, relatively

Sebastian Gebski

Majority of my co-workers and acquaintances associate me (and my professional work) with the .NET stack. This association is so strong that when I tell them about my recent works with Scala/Akka, they think I'm nuts (or close to):

What's the point of learning another stack if you've committed so much time and effort to master the previous one?

Don't worry - I'm

Sebastian Gebski

Reactive applications.
Scalable & responsive.
Resilient & fault-tolerant.
Event-driven & asynchronuous.

The benefits of RAs are well and commonly known (if you're not up-to-date, make sure you get yourself familiar with Reactive Manifesto: start with the following link), but it's not the benefits I'd like to write about specifically today:

  • What about the real cost?
  • What about the effort?
  • In a typical scenario, when