Sebastian Gebski

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Back to potion-mixing business then. I've decided to go for functional chemistry, but should you? Should your pals? Should everybody around because it's presumable The Next Big Thing?

Alchemy for the masses

Let's make it clear - keeping in mind what Elixir is & what awesomeness it offers (pure functional paradigm, robust concurrency model suited

Sebastian Gebski

I am a notorious cheater.

  • in 2001 I've betrayed Java for .NET
  • until late 2006-2007 I've been involved in several, stormy romances with unmanaged C++ (we had some past already ...)
  • around 2011 I began secret meetings with JavaScript, a lot of passion & screaming was involved
  • in 2013 I went full-slut-mode by pretty much ceasing relationship with .NET (we'll still friends, with benefits ...) &
Sebastian Gebski

February is over, so it was a high time to open the conference season in 2015 already ;P Due to practical reasons I carefully track such events that happen in Poland (not much to be tracked, but the number is increasing from year to year) - that's how I found myself in Cracow on 26th of February, the 1st day of Lambda Days, relatively

Sebastian Gebski

This isn't really a story about a sticker (surprise, surprise), but it really exists & its on the top cover - here's the proof:

Whoooa, it's Erlang. Not GitHub/Akka/F#/AngularJS/OculusRift/Spark/Clojure/Heroku/Swift/Elixir or any other most fresh of the freshest Internet-era web-scale sexy thing. Bah, quite the contrary - it's a freakin' programming language straight from 80s.