Bah, suddenly now my DasKeyboard ( doesn’t appear as top-notch-awesome as it always seemed - I’ve found something that shines even better! Don’t worry, I won’t make another praise on mechanical keyboards (I’ve already written about that once -, I just assume you know how much superior it is, when compared to the usual plastic crap :)

The miracle factory is named WASD Keyboards ( -
take 5 minutes and check their products list. Already back? Great! So, how did you like …

  • … the possibility of designing your own keyboard?
  • … making patterns with button colors, deciding on which buttons are blank and which aren’t
  • … staying with or getting rid of numeric pad?

Waah :) And you’ve got even more Cherry MX switch ( options, including the black ones (linear). And all that for the price level of DasKeyboard, plus they do internetional shipping - I’m already hooked up :)

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