1.) If you still claim that web interfaces can’t manage sophisticated functionality, I’ve got something that may finally convince you - a programming IDE in the web: Cloud9!

Full fledged editor, integrated with version control, on-line collaboration and everything’s "in the cloud". Obviously it supports multiple languages (C# / C / C++ / Java / JavaScript / Lua / Latex / PHP / Python / Ruby / Scala / XML / …), covers code completion and supports direct upload to PaaS (for instance: Azure).
You can find it here: http://c9.io/ (and you don’t have to register, if you already own GitHub or BitBucket account). Obviously, you can find plenty of demo videos on YouTube, if you don’t want hands-on experience.
2.) Cross platform mobile development gets really popular - more and more companies decide to propose their solutions for that purpose. Surprisingly Red Gate (Reflector dudes) are among them as well. They’ve introduced Nomad - Visual Studio extension for building cross-platform applications for iOS and Android. What’s so special then? Go back and re-read previous sentence. YES, it’s a Visual Studio extension - you can develop iOS / Android app using .NET and Visual Studio. Looks encouraging, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to check it carefully, but if you do, I encourage you to do so:
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