Agile? Challenge accepted!

I’ve decided to verify my agile project management skills - to be precise: Scrum ones. The most famoust Scrum certificate is Certified Scrum Master (CSM) - unfortunately it doesn’t mean anything as you’re awarded CSM after completing the course, regardless of assessment result (even 0 points makes you a CSM…). CSM is invented (and promoted) by the organization named Scrum Alliance ( - co-founded by Ken Schwaber (inventor of Scrum). Unsurprisingly, Ken has noticed what’s going on with Scrum Alliance - for instance: lowering trainer standards (no clear guidelines and training programs) and certification given for free. Ken has decided to play va banque - he has left SA to found a new organization: (

Secessionists from offer a new certification path - Professional Scrum Master (I & II) ( - far more demanding and rigorous than CSM. To pass PSM I or PSM II you’ll need 85% or more points. PSM I is 80 questions in 60 minutes (!) and PSM II takes 120 minutes (I don’t know the number of questions). I’ve already registered for PSM I (and I have 14 days to undertake the exam), so you expect some feedback soon. Keep the fingers crossed!

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