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I was thinking about starting a blog here for some time. It doesn’t mean I’m the kind of man, who’s screaming for any attention he can get. Or that I measure my life accomplishments with number of people who “follow” me. I’m just impressed with how much can be achieved by blogging and micro-blogging in terms of sharing knowledge, experience and news. Thanks to Twitter, blogging and videoblogging we learn about just-released stuff months before first books describing this particular technology hit the store shelves. Knowledge is just “pushed” towards us, what we have to do is only to filter it properly and open our minds (that sounded spiritual, didn’t it? :)).

Obviously that doesn’t mean that everyone should torment humankind with their own writings. Why do I think I should do it?

  1. Because I have endless amounts of passion towards cutting edge and technology innovations. If I manage to “infect” even one person with the same “feature”, it will be my success :)
  2. Because when I joined Accenture 8 years ago, I’ve met individuals who have inspired me and I feel I should at least try somehow to do the same for “next generations” of analysts and consultants.
  3. Because I was doing it earlier locally (as Accenture, but not for Accenture) and I had positive feedback even in somehow hostile environment.
What will you find here then?
  • My opinions on what interesting has been published / released recently in IT.
  • Hands-on experience impressions on new tools / technologies / services if I find them valuable to share.
  • Reviews of technology-related books I’ve read recently.
  • Observations, recommendations, comments, opinions and many more…

 Just few final remarks:

  1. Yes, I specialize in Microsoft technologies, so you can expect that majority of content here will be somehow related to products of that company. If you’re allergic to Microsoft, you’ve been warned…
  2. As I am not english native-speaker, I will make a lot of grammar / vocabulary mistakes here. Lots. Tons. Myriads. Sorry for that (in advance), feel free to point out if I get unreadable :)
  3. Comment, comment and once again comment, PLEASE. If I get any feedback, it will be clear for me that there’s actually someone reading this, so writing more makes some sense. Every comment is appreciated.
  4. Thanks for BRE Bank project squad for encouraging me to finally start the blog. They are the ones to be blamed for all that will happen! :)
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