Martin Fowler is a living legend. Period.

His “Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture” is still one of very few books every solution architect wannabe should get familiar with. His famous article about Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control ( was one of the milestones in modern IT evolution. And at last (but not least) he is a member of Agile Alliance and a co-creator of Manifesto of Agile Software Development ( - no additional comment should be needed.

That’s why I watch carefully what’s being published under “Martin Fowler Signature Series” brand (by Addison-Wesley Professional). Those books are not written by Fowler himself, but his personal approval pretty much guarantees the quality of content. Once again this theory has been proven, this time by Robert Daigneau’s "Service Design Patterns: Fundamental Design Solutions for SOAP/WSDL and RESTful Web Services".

This book doesn’t present any new technology. It won’t cause any breakthrough or re-invent any wheel. It just perfectly summarizes what every architect should know about various patterns of service-oriented communication. It’s like Gang of Four book for service development. Writing style is clear, well structured and smooth to read. It doesn’t focus on one particular technology and examples are written in both Java and C#. Content is very practical as it doesn’t describe pattern implementation details only, but also reveals some drawbacks, like situations when service contracts have to be re-created (and clients will get broken, so they will need to be constantly updated). Kindle version availability is another pro (at least for me).
Concluding thought: A-MUST-HAVE.
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