As I’ve spent last few days on my preparation for PRINCE2 Practicioner exam (THAT. WAS. FREAKING. HARD.), I don’t have much to share (except. that the EXAM. WAS. FREAKING. HARD.), but it doesn’t mean nothing exciting happened in a few last days (not counting exciting exam - YES. IT. WAS. FREAKING. HARD.):

  1. Harsh criticism for Visual Studio 11 Beta in Dr. Dobbs -
  2. Flow Platform - CEP in the cloud (YES!) -
  3. "Planning for Big Data" released for free by O’Reilly -
  4. "Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012" released for free by Microsoft Press -
  5. Typemock Isolator v7 has been released -
Enjoy the links. And in the meantime keep fingers crossed for my exam’s results (I should get them in few weeks) - it actually appeared to be much harder than the sample exams taken during preparation sessions.
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