I am still in my certification spree - after completing Microsoft trial, I decided to try project management oriented courses and certifications. First shot - PRINCE2. I guess it should be familiar to everyone, but if it isn’t, you can find some details here:

http://www.prince-officialsite.com/faq.aspx?category=PRINCE2+FAQs&btnSubmit=Open#FAQno23 or here: http://www.apmg-international.com/APMG-UK/PRINCE2/PRINCE2Home.aspx
Today I’ve passed the first of 2 exams - PRINCE2 Foundation and I think I can give first feedback on how useful I find it and if it makes any sense at all:
  1. PRINCE2 utilizes client (business / end-user) perspective and it doesn’t care about what project is about (technical aspect of the project)
  2. PRINCE2 is very strongly oriented on Business Case (and maintaining it), which I find as a very good practice
  3. PRINCE2 is very generic - it seems to fit any type of project as it’s very adjustable (this paradigm is one of its foundations)
What I like about PRINCE2:
  1. It’s simple and it just… makes sense :)
  2. It fits our “value added” approach very well
  3. Tolerance-based management is very clear and simple, but it does its job
What I don’t like about PRINCE2:
  1. It tells you WHO should do WHAT, but it lacks techniques, so it avoids answering the question WHY. And I don’t mean technology aspects, but management best practices
  2. Polish translation is terrible (never, never try certifying PRINCE2 in anything else than english)
On Friday, I’ll be fighting with PRINCE2 Practicioner exam - that sounds like some kind of a challenge :)
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