Modern day knowledge sources are completely different to what was available 5+ years ago. We’re not limited to classroom trainings and paperbacks. When compares to those, the vast number of blogs, video courses and tutorials brings us the information that:

  • is usually more up-to-date
  • can be more easily corrected (or updated)
  • may even be available for free (or just be cheaper, because of lower “delivery” costs

Fortunately traditional books are not dead, they’ve just evolved into e-books, publishing houses started to publish “in-progress” versions of their books (to reduce time to market in my favorite, lean way :D). This way I can stick to my beloved, written form and still enjoy the bleeding edge tech lectures.

And today’s the day to mentioned that as one of my carefully observed bookshop stores - PacktPub has announced "$5 eBook Bonanza" ( - you can get ANY of their books for just $5 until January the 3rd.

My personal opinion about them was that they tend to go for quantity, instead of quality, but recently I’ve read few of their books and to be frank - I liked them. Here are few reviews I’ve published on Goodreads:

  1. "Mastering Apache Cassandra" [4/5 stars] -
  2. "Getting started with Twitter Flight" [3/5 stars] -
  3. "Storm Real-Time processing cookbook" [5/5 stars] -
  4. "RavenDB high performance" [5/5 stars] -
  5. "Learning NServiceBus" [4/5 stars] -

Most likely they have the widest offer of all the publishing houses whose offer is targeted at tekkies - so make yourself a favor and check what you could get for just 5 bucks: it seems to be a pure win.

P.S. As one of their book frequent reviewers, I was personally asked to publish a link to their sales, but frankly speaking I’d do it anyway - it’s just a good offer - to good to miss.

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