Record your own tutorial videos with Wink 

Are you using CMS to publish the information for other people? Do you blog or maintain a project wiki or something similar? If you do, don’t you agree that one picture is worth of thousand words? If so, how much is video worth? Sometimes, instead of wordy description, it’s just better to make a short presentation video to illustrate an idea or two - until few days ago I didn’t have any good idea how to actually do that: quickly record a video and publish it on-line. Fortunately one of the client people introducted me to Wink ( Thanks to Wink you can very quickly record a tutorial video and publish it as a Flash element. Plus - it’s free! Go on, have a try.
Set up service bus on your local test rig with Microsoft Service Bus 1.0 Bet
Surprisingly, Microsoft has decided to publish Beta version of their Service Bus for Windows Server. Yes, that’s the one which is actually used in Windows Azure and now you can install it on any PaaS that supports Windows Server OS (including your own test rig)! You can find a great tutorial on Richard Seroter’s blog:
Build extremely efficient cross-platform communication platform on 0mq
If you’re not convinced to Microsoft’s messaging solutions (yet?) you can try something more cross-platform. There are several solutions available, but one of them gains more and more popularity, mainly due to platform agnosticism, but also to impressive results of all benchmarking (to be honest, it has to be said, that one of the reasons for those is that lack of message persistence by default). The technology I’m talking (writing?) about is ZeroMQ, also knows as 0mq ( If you want to read a bit on how does it work and how can you use it in your projects, please follow this link:
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