.NET world is lacking a good BPM solution based on Microsoft stack. That’s why if I hear about BPM projects, it’s usually something in Java. We (my current employer) haven’t sold many projects like that in Poland, but we have few minor credentials. As those references are based on jBPM (mainly version 4.x), what we tend to propose to the client is jBPM of course - and it didn’t surprise me much until few days ago :)

To be brief - by proposing latest jBPM (5.x) to the client, we prove that we don’t have reasonable capabilities in that area, … because jBPM 5.x doesn’t have much in common with jBPM 4.x!
Just to summarize:
  • Creators of jBPM until 4.x have created their own fork - Activiti that follows the concept and overall architecture of original jBPM
  • JBoss (who own the brand) jBPM have re-branded Drools Flow to jBPM v.5.x
What pretty much means that if we want to use our jBPM credentials, we should start offering Activiti to our clients :)
Here you can find some basic info about jBPM: http://www.jboss.org/jbpm/
… and about Activiti: http://activiti.org/
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