I’ve shamelessly stolen the title of this post to grab your attention, people :) The title is taken from from the very interesting blog post a friend shared with me recently:

Even if I don’t agree with some of the statements in the text and I think that some of them were caused by the personal dislike and / or bad mood on particular day - I can’t deny some truth that lies within. We hear a lot that:
  • an established relationship is the most important factor in selling process
  • networking is one of the pillars this company rests on
I wouldn’t be frank if I said that these are not true (even partially), but to be honest I hate thinking about our work that way as this is not really my way to go. I’m a meritocracy zealot - I worship the cult of actual value, not an illusion (promise) of value ("we’ll be the best to deliver that, … because we have a long-term relationship with you"; "yea, we may not know how to do that, but surely we’ll find someone in Abu Dhabi who did it already, so we can have a phonecall with him …").
What’s your opinion?
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