The number of awesome libraries for HTML5 + CSS3 + JS is overwhelming. Pretty much every day I find something absolutely awesome, that I’d like to give a try the very second I spotted it. What is more, the vast majority of those are free, so personally I see a very little justification for buying expensive widget libraries like KendoUI ( - even if personally I’m a fan of Kendo :)

Anyway, here comes one of my recent findings: Gridster (

Using Gridster, you can create tile-based, configurable and stunning good-looking dashboard-like user interfaces :) Metro style at your service - bend it as much as you’d like.

Gridster supports (

  • dynamic tile creation
  • dragging & dropping
  • resizing (permanent and on focus) …
  • … and serialization of tile positioning

If you’re aiming to create a dashboard of customizable “controls”, most likely you won’t find anything better to aid you with the layout boilerplate.

Gridster is open-source (, most likely isn’t as JS-light as you’d like and it depends on jQuery (actually it’s jQuery’s plugin). It’s also pretty fresh (all the releases and not older than 1 month), but tbh I didn’t find any bugs that’d question its usability in current version.

Recommended - it’s a very promising library (or maybe dashboard-like, configurables UIs are just my weakness…). Just imagine combining Gridster with Twitter Flight’s event approach - yummie!

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